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                           Riccardo Tesi




Riccardo Tesi (diatonic accordeon)

Daniele Biagini (piano)

Damiano Puliti (cello)

                                                           Michele Marini (clarinet)   
An internationally renowned organist, Riccardo Tesi is a valued composer of music which is balanced between a multiplicity of styles that, with his historic group Banditaliana and in the many partnerships spanning over thirty years of career, often takes on extrovert and scintillating roles derived from popular music and from jazz.

However, Tesi’s poetics always maintain an intimate and reflective core, expressed by the roots of his accordion: a core that is the protagonist, thanks to the elegant and collective sounds of chamber instruments such as the piano, the cello and the clarinet. A new palette of colors, sober and hazy, with which Cameristico reinterprets some of the most significant pages of his repertoire alongside new compositions, specially written for this project.

The three companions in this journey perfectly adapt themselves to the eclecticism that characterizes the compositions of Riccardo Tesi.

The pianist Daniele Biagini - already his partner years previously in one of the most 'classic' works, Un ballo liscio - has moved in many fields of music, from the collaboration with Steven Brown of Tuxedomoon to classical music up to his recent forays into jazz; the cellist Enrico Guerzoni has played baroque, classical, jazz, ethnic and pop music with artists such as Muti, Sinopoli, Berio, Sciarrino, M.Nyman, T.Gurtu and A.Ruggiero, D.Rea, P.Fresu, G.Mirabassi , Bocelli, Dalla, Celentano, Zucchero, Ramazzotti, Elisa, Capossela; the clarinetist Michele Marini, despite his young age, boasts important joint-ventures such as the Vienna Art Orchestra, Maurizio Geri Swingtet, Secondo a Nessuno by Claudio Carboni and moves naturally from the tributes to Gorni Kramer to the clarinet quartets.

"An essential, rigorous, dry, calligraphic album, but in a positive sense, or rather a composed beauty, elegant and stylized but restless inside, vibrant, always on the verge of drama."
Paolo Russo,
La Repubblica


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