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The Samurai

Riccardo Tesi - I Samurai

The fabulous talent-studded programme -The Samurai- includes no less than five of the most dazzling exponents of the squeezebox. They have all made a huge contribution to advancing the cause of the diatonic accordion, each in their own sphere: trad, folk, Irish music, jazz, film scores – the list goes on and on.

In common with the characters pervading the imaginary universe of the Japanese, these players have succeeded in combining a variety of styles to create a bold and expressive musical experience. Ingeniously melodic, brilliantly tonal, an invitation to savour an intimate atmosphere or relish a session of wild dancing: these musicians with an impressive list of credentials offer us a spectacular and extremely beguiling event.

Riccardo Tesi (IT), Bruno Le Tron (Fr), Markku Lepistö (Fin), Didier Laloy (Be), David Munnelly (Irl)


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