Gigi Biolcati


 Gigi Biolcati

Gigi Biolcati, drums, born in 1965

Gigi Biolcati began playing drums at the age of 11. He started out playing with dance groups for seven years. Then he studied with Enrico Lucchini and for some years he played blues, funk, soul with Aida Cooper and pop music with Cristiano DeAndré. Then he did a stint with dancer Koffi Kokò from Benin, and it was here that Gigi Biolocati found his personal approach to music. He went to Africa to study music and to search for the original roots of rhythm. Thus he  furthered  his  study  of  African  rhythm  and  compared  it  with  the  European,  Asian  and  American  traditions.

Following this path helped him to clarify the relationship between the body, the unconscious and the energies of the individual. His final aim in music can be described as the basic essence of communication: control of sound, the interaction with other musicians, the trust and mutual awareness which are all necessary to recreate the power of a magic ritual of a concert.


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