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UN BALLO LISCIO. A journey through a century of "liscio", the most popular Italian folk dance

Un ballo liscio

A project by Riccardo Tesi

Riccardo Tesi (diatonic accordion (melodeon))
Patrick Vaillant (mandolin, voice)
Maurizio Geri (guitar, voice)
Piero Leveratto (double bass)
Claudio Carboni (sax)
Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet)
Ettore Bonafè (vibraphone, percussion)
Quartetto Ares (strings)

A journey through a century of liscio, the most popular Italian folk dance. A really special project of great artistic quality. A multi-ethnic orchestra, formed by some of the most representative musicians coming from ethnic, classical and jazz areas, regardless of any prejudice, rigorously rework melodies and rhythms that allowed whole generations of Italian people to dance: from the classical echoes of Carlo Brighi to the band atmospheres of Concerto Cantoni and the jazzy breaks of Gorni Kramer, not to mention the ethnic blends of the regional variations. An opportunity to rediscover the attractive melodic structures, the instrumental virtuosity, the fascinating combinations of timbres and the most hidden and seductive aspects of an undeservedly underrated musical genre.


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