Altri progetti

Tesi/Vaillant/Piccioni Trio


Capanne con vista”

Riccardo Tesi : organetto

Patrick Vaillant : mandolino

Andrea Piccioni: tamburi a cornice

Tesi Vaillant Piccioni trio


The duo Tesi / Vaillant, who in the nineties surprised international audiences thanks to their courageous and original music, resumed their journey today  with the complicity of Andrea Piccioni great master of the frame drums.
Mandolin, diatonic accordion and tambourine, three traditional instruments in the hands of three authentic virtuosos who greatly expand their expressive possibilities and vocabulary.
All three share the same spirit: that of instrumental music with no limits,  innovative and open-minded but with firm roots.
A captivating musical universe because it is familiar and surprising at the same time.

And so their huts with a view, overlooking the Mediterranean, become the ideal place to assemble and cultivate their musical utopias


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